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Google CEO: 65,000 Android Handsets Shipping A day

Authored by: Douglas Carter — May 14, 2010

Google CEO Eric Schmidt reported today at a company shareholder's meeting that 65,000 Android devices are shipped from the various manufacturers on 34 models in 49 countries. As EuroDroid says, "If you assume 30 days is an average month, that’s 1.95 million Android phones being sold around the world every month. Not bad."

In the AFP article, it is also reported that Mr Schmidt mentioned that "if you check the blogosphere you'll discover there are some reports that that number might be quite low." This news, along with the previously reported increase in Android device sales over the iPhone seem to be a goog omen and an example of things to come.

AndroidandMe reported on Mr. Schmidt mentioning how Google's approach to delivering a mobile OS differs from Apple with his comment that "we're trying to build an entire ecosystem of openness, the inverse of the other guys." He also talked of the future profits coming out of the Android OS by saying:

while it's true that we're very happy to give away Android, the applications and the services that can be provided on a very large, very broad framework can be enormously valuable over the next five or 10 years.

Other Sources: AndroidandMe, EuroDroid, Phandroid

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Source: AFP

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