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Google CEO Says 200K Android Devices Activated Daily

Google CEO Eric Schmidt had a sit-down with some journalists yesterday at the Techonomy conference where he talked about Google and Android. When asked about how well Android is doing, Schmidt stated that Google is now activating 200,000 Android handset daily.

It is important to note that number is up from 100,000 in May and 160,000 in June. This news comes in addition to the news that Nielsen and Canalys stating that Android is growing rapidly and is poised to overtake its competitors.

Here is a video from TechCrunch's coverage of the story:

Schmidt was also asked if Android was profitable, and he responded by saying that “we could not be happier with the success of Android.” Google makes their money from advertising, and because of Android's fast browser and the popularity of making Google searches on the device, the ad revenue “is large enough to pay for all of the Android activities and a whole bunch more.”

Another question was if “the amount of revenues that Android is generating material yet?” and how much it is. Schmidt said that information cannot be disclosed because “it is basically a part of search.”

The iPhone platform, according to Schmidt, is also good for Google, due to the number of searches being performs on the handset as well.

EuroDroid notes that "there may be some minor technical difference between “sold” and “activated” but still. That’s a huge amount of phones."

Oher Sources: EuroDroid, TechCrunch

Image from TechCrunch

Source: YouTube

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