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Google Exhibits A Giant Nexus S At Best Buy
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Google Exhibits A Giant Nexus S At Best Buy

In an effort to promote the launch of the Google Nexus S, Best Buy and Google constructed and displayed a giant version of a Nexus S in a Best Buy store in San Carlos, California. The supersized Nexus S does work and features many of the same features of the real Nexus S, including a touchscreen interface and front-facing camera.

According to TechCrunch, the device is based around a touch-enabled 42" and a Nexus S handset, which, interestingly, runs the whole set-up. Mirrors inside of the phone case reflect the image toward the front facing camera on the Nexus S handset inside.

Check out the video below from TechCrunch to see the giant device in action:

Looking at the video, it seems like the device is very laggy and unresponsive, but it should be remembered that the user is interfacing with the television's touch screen, so the experience all depends on the sensitivity of the television when trying to do anything more than pushing on parts of the screen (like multi-touch gestures or dragging icons).

Apparently, the display is currently in testing and they haven't decided on whether or not to put up more of these displays in other Best buy stores due to fear of vandalism and how well the units will survive usage by store-goers. Apparently, Google did a similar stunt for the Nexus One launch, but it didn't function like the real thing. Instead, it just played a looped video

Interestingly, Google outfitted the internal Nexus S with video-out capabilities, which makes me wonder if we may see that same ability included in an upcoming vanilla version of Android.

Image from TechCrunch

Source: TechCrunch

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