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So I'm sure all of you are sick of malware stories by now, but this one is legitimately scary. A new piece of malware, posing as the legitimate Google+ app, can gain access to all of your phone's personal information and transmit it to a remote server. So how can you tell the real Google+ apart from its evil malware twin? 

At this point, it is still unknown how this malware got onto people's phones. Personally, I doubt the app ever made it onto the Android Market and is probably trasmitted via a 3rd party app store (or through the internet). To check if you have the malware on your phone, just go to Manage Applications and look for something called Google++:

Once you've located the dirty little bastard, you can simply uninstall it. Thankfully, this piece of malware can only affect users running Android 2.2 since Gingerbread is apparently more secure. The real name of the malware is Nickispy.C (damn you Nicki,whoever you are!) and it can spy on all of your phone activity, including listening to your phone conversations. It can't really do anything new, but the fact that it is mimicking an extremely popular is worrisome.

So be vigilant and careful out there, folks!


Source: Phandroid


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