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Google Goggles Just Got Better
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Google Goggles Just Got Better


Google Goggles, one of the apps that define the Android experience, has just gotten upgrade that allows the app to "learn" from snapshots you've already taken. With the new feature, Google Goggles can analyze every picture you've taken for any recognizable content. So, instead of holding the camera up to some kind of object and asking Goggles to tell you what it is, the new app will search through photos you've already taken to find landmarks, recognized objects, etc.

This update may not sound like much, but imagine the following situation: 

You're a clueless American tourist (obviously) and you decide to take a picture of that "awesome looking old building". You don't think to turn on Google Goggles to ask you what it is, but later at home you're looking through your photograph and want to know where you were. Simply turn on Goggles, click "menu," and "load picture" and Goggles will search through old photos for recognizable content. 

No need for being proactive with Goggles anymore. And being the lazy users that we are, I am sure we'll all be more than happy to let the app do the hard work as we photograph with our Android phones.

For anyone with a personal privacy peeve - don't start freaking out just yet. Google has promised to make the new feature optional and you'll have to manually turn it as displayed below: 

Source: Google

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