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Google Mobile Shows Off Voice Search On  Video
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Google Mobile Shows Off Voice Search On Video

Google has been talking about their voice search feature for a while, but now the Google Mobile Blog posted up some videos on YouTube highlighting the usefulness of the Voice Search feature and specific situations where the voice search feature can be very useful. The tagline for their new feature is "what you say is what you search."

The Google Mobile Blog mentions how well Voice Search is catching on and some of its strength:

In fact, one in every four searches from an Android phone in the US is by voice. In certain situations, voice search just works much better than typing. It’s a lot faster than typing on a small phone screen. You can search things even when you don’t know the correct spelling. It’s more fun as you can share what you’re doing with your friends. And it’s safer when you’re walking around. Once you start using voice search, you start discovering all sorts of new ways to use it.

The videos feature individuals in a tree, playing foosball, under a sink, sitting in a hot tub, and suffering from an ice cream headache. Head over to the Google Mobile YouTube channel to check out the videos, or get started below:

The videos include the simulated ability to click on a part of the screen where the search results are displayed, and taking you to the results in your browser. Not exactly eart-shattering, but a definitely well-implemented feature of the videos which is very immersive and creative.

Phandroid raises a good question amongst the Android community. "Are any of you big users of voice search who find themselves in these sorts of situations or do you prefer good old fashion text?"

Other Sources: Androinica, Phandroid

Image from Google Mobile Blog

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