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Google+ Momentum Appears To Stabilize
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Google+ Momentum Appears To Stabilize

So what's happening with Google+ the web's fastest growing social network? After an amazingly impressive start, over 25 million people have visited the site and many more are set to join them in the coming weeks and months. Since it's been just a little over a month since Google* was launched, it is probably due time we took a deep breath and analyze the current situation. 

For those of you that are curious, Google+ has attracted the most number of visitors from the following four countries: US, India, UK and Canada. That's pretty predictable given the fact that China, Asia's largest internet market, had officially banned Google+ from the very beginning. Although the evidence is rather inconclusive, all studies seem to point to a slowdown in user traffic on Google+. This doesn't mean that the new social network is doing badly, but it's rather an indicator of a slight decrease in the hype and buzz surrounding Google+. It's like with any news story; it's got it's ups and downs. If Google+ can maintain consistent growth with less hype, this would be a single of things moving in the right direction. Perhaps the expectations surrounding Google are just too high. It's a company not a magician, after all. Let's not forget that it took a long time for both Twitter and Facebook to get off the ground. 

This graph clearly shows the long road that still lies ahead for Google+:

Thankfully, Google+ isn't just sitting back and watching things unfold on their own, but are taking active measures to respond to complaints and make necessary improvements to the expanding social network. For one, the speed of +1 buttons has been increased and some more changes are in the pipeline. So let's wait and see how things will be develop in the near future. 


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