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Google Music Service Pictured With Sync Ability

GizmoFusion received a picture of what seems to be sync support for Google's upcoming Music service that was expected by some to release with Android Gingerbread. Google revealed their goal of implementing a cloud-based music service back at Google I/O, but we haven't heard much about it from Google since.

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GizmoFusion themselves say that the music app is on a build of gingerbread, and while it does appear that way (due to the UI), that doesn't mean it will be coming with Gingerbread.

Engadget speculates that the Google Music service might come from an Android 2.4 build, like the one that we saw last week.

A different explanation, however, may also lie with the buggy Honeycomb music player that was leaked not too long ago, but could be installed on other Android versions.

A commenter on the GizmoFusion article notes that he has the same "Sync Music" option on his original Droid running Android 2.2.1, but that he installed the leaked Honeycomb music player.

The version number of the app, pictured above, coincides with the Android Honeycomb version number, which seems to reinforce the idea that Honeycomb will be the first Android version to come with Google Music service.

Image from GizmoFusion


Source: GizmoFusion

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