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Google + Opens to All!
Google 1 min read 14 comments

Google + Opens to All!

Well, it looks like Google + is now allowing anyone to join! We've already invited around 25 people from AndroidPIT's account...congrats to those who were able to use the service just a few moments before the general public! It should be quite easy to log in and register. And don't forget to add AndroidPIT.com as your friend! To hear our initial thoughts, read on. To share your initial impressions of Google +, click here

It feels weird dragging friends, coworkers and family members into different circles, no? Call me a hippy, but I see everyone in my contacts list as "friends." Maybe Facebook has just melded my brain to think that way? Furthermore, a strange part of me feels like folks will find out if I don't drag them into the coveted "friends" circle, even though I know these circles are private. Sorting people feels weird!

UPDATE. We're hearing reports that some people are still unable to access Google +. Is it working for you? Let us know!


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  • That does not sound like open to all at all:

    »Google+ is in limited Field Trial
    Right now, we're testing with a small number of people, but it won't be long before the Google+ project is ready for everyone. Leave us your email address and we'll make sure you're the first to know when we're ready to invite more people.«

    And that does not sound like an invitation will help at all:

    »Already invited? We've temporarily exceeded our capacity. Please try again soon.«

  • yea it all makes sense to wait.. until they make a post like ITS OPEN TO ALL! I was just waiting for someone to let me know when its open... and its not.

  • Sounds like some of you don't understand how this works. If the site says over capacity then getting another invite won't help you.this its a slow roll out, just be patient

  • its not available when I try.

  • it's not a available for me yet. I'm in the uk. I got invited, but when I log in, I still get the "already invited? we've gone over our capacity" message :-(

    someone try invite me again please :'( simon.w.russell at gmail dot com.


  • it's not a available for me yet. I'm in the uk. I got invited, but when I log in, I still get the "already invited? we've gone over our capacity" message :-(

    someone try invite me again please :'( simon.w.russell at gmail dot com.


  • @Christopher: I agree. I think they're rightfully hesitant about exploring overly-charted territory, and the social network certainly fits into that category. Integration, though, is something that this new network takes full advantage of. I mean, just look how easy it is to drop people from what is essentially our email cache into different circles.

    Of course,we really won't know how revolutionary this new platform is until a few weeks pass by and, acclimated to the new features, we decide we're either for or against them.

  • Google is a little gun shy atm, keep in mind they have a long list of failures under their belt. They don't want this to be one of them, the sheer level of integration also means huge changes for all their products. Google+ isn't just a Facebook add on it's a complete revamp of Google as a company. They are having to modify (even if it's just a little bit) every product they have.

    Also Google has learned from problems in the past, just because they think it's good and awesome doesn't mean the world will (think wave). I strongly believe that Google is trying everything it can to make sure the user experience is good. This includes keeping many people out so they can work on bugs as problems arise.

  • chris Jul 1, 2011 Link to comment

    Would anybody be so kind to send me a invite :) ;) Thanx in advance

  • @Christopher: Thanks for letting us know about that. Hope it gets fixed soon! You'd think Google would have enough server power to launch something this big, but maybe not? Crazy how much demand there is! We've been getting slammed with pleads for invites, still!

  • while you can invite anyone Google+ is still overloaded. I got a couple invites but I still can't get in (for example)

  • great - thanks for the update man!

  • It is really good! I am looking forward to seeing more people here... all my freinds from Facebook... I miss a button like: Add all your friends from Facebook... :)

  • I also just realized that the Google + Android app is bundled with a great little widget. Check it out in the widgets section of your phone.