Google Shopper

Authored by: Deactivated Account — Feb 24, 2010

Google Shopper is the name of a new app recently released by Google. It is an intelligent product and price search app that will surely find its way onto many people's phone screens given how helpful it is.

Using this app you can obtain information about virtually any product by searching with your voice, scanning the barcode, or taking a picture of media and book covers. With the integrated price comparison feature, you can find your selected product for the best price. All information is then saved to a history giving you an overview of all your searches. Once you've found the right product for the best price you can send an email, text message, or mms to your friends to let them know about it. I've tried this app out briefly on my Magic (1.5) and found it to be pretty good. The app was quick to find all scanned products, regardless of whether I used a CD barcode or cover photo. The voice search function also worked perfectly without lags or glitches. Keeping in mind that this is still only a labs product, I'm going to definitely keep it on my device and see how it performs on a daily basis.


Source: Mashable

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