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A post on the Google Mobile Blog yesterday announced that the Gmail app on Android has been moved into the Android Market, and that a new version of the app has been released with features that include a partial implementation of Priority Inbox feature that was recently launched. The downside is that the update is only availabile for phones running Android 2.2.

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TechCrunch writes that the "limited support" for the Priority Inbox feature "basically means you can browse the ‘Important’ label (“limited” is definitely an appropriate choice of words here)."

In terms of other changes, common message actions stay at the top of the screen, even when scrolling through a lengthly conversation. Also, users can also see a previous message quicker by clicking on the "Show quoted text" button.

Possibly the most important change, as Engadget points out, "is that Google's releasing Gmail directly to Android Market, where it'll be a separate download that can be revved with new features independently of Android itself."

TalkAndroid reports that some users of CyanogenMod 6 are having problems installing the update, so keep that in mind if it isn't working for you with your Android 2.2 ROM running handset.

QR Code for Gmail app:

Other Sources: AndroidGuys, Engadget, TalkAndroid, TechCrunch

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