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Google's VP of engineering, Andy Rubin, had a talk with The New York Times about Android matters such as the next version of Android: Froyo. He also stated his promise full support for Adobe Flash in Froyo. He also stated his belief in Android exceeding Apple's and RIM sales of smartphones.

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In the article, Rubin  expressed his belief that having multiple O.E.M.'s producing multiple handsets will allow Android handsets to surpass the market leaders. He also attributed Android's success as a result of Android being "open to many manufacturers running many different architectures."

As for Adobe's Flash 10.1, the article goes on to say that "He also promised that full support for Adobe’s Flash standard was coming in the next version of Android, code-named Froyo, for frozen yogurt..."

Those of you fretting over Android's OS version fragmentation, Phandroid added this:

Concerning the future of Android and its state of fragmentation, Rubin compared the process to the desktop computer market, saying that it is just part of a devices lifespan to eventually become outdated, with many devices on the market constantly pushing the upper limits of what an OS can do.

So, we know for sure that Froyo is the next version and we know that Froyo will support Flash. Does that mean that it will come with it? Who knows...

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