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Android Voice Actions vs. Apple's Siri: Who's Fastest?
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Android Voice Actions vs. Apple's Siri: Who's Fastest?

 Voice Actions vs. Siri

In the battle for smartphone supremacy, it's standard protocol to compare your device to Apple's iPhone. Comparisons can be odious, but they help manufacturers find their footing in the über competitive smartphone market. The iPhone 4S may be outdated, specs-wise, but there's one feature which is still being heavily marketed and her name begins with S and ends with -iri. If you're going to fight the iPhone, you've got to get through Siri first.

The following videos show the struggle between two great voice recognition software programs. In one corner of the ring, you have Siri, and in the other, Google's Voice Actions. Voice Actions – Google's own voice recognition software – is standard across most Android devices. Needless to say, Siri is much more famous. But let's take a look at who's fastest... 

Motorola Atrix 2 Voice Actions vs. iPhone 4S's Siri

Motorola Electrify's Voice Actions vs. iPhone 4S 's Siri 

 Motorola Photon 4G's Voice Actions vs. iPhone 4S's Siri 

Gizmodo has also independently verified that Android's Google Voice Actions is faster than Siri using plain WiFi, but there's a bit of controversy surrounding these videos since the Motorola phone could very well be on a 4G network while the iPhone is stuck behind in 3G land. Many folks also think Siri is more flexible when it comes to understanding her users. Nonetheless, the Motorola phones in this promo seem to be much faster at processing user requests via voice command  – and that Gizmodo report is damning. 

Source: Huffington Post

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