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Google explains number porting to Google Voice service
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Google explains number porting to Google Voice service

As you may have read last week, some users were reporting an option to port their existing carrier number and use the many benefits of Google's Voice service. We're still miles away from ditching our carriers for a free alternative, but that's not really surprize. Read past the break for the video explaining the porting process. 


For those unfamiliar with Google's voice service, it pretty much gives you one number to rule them all. You can link existing phones to it so you can be reached anywhere if someone calls your Voice number, screen calls and even listen in on a voicemail as it's being recorded - much like an actual answering machine.

The service has many benefits, especially for business users or people constantly on the run, but until now, you had to get a new number from Google that you still had to announce to the world. Now, your old trusted number can be with you forever, regardless of the carrier you're moving to. Hit the link below for more videos on the many features and enjoy Google's simple description of what number porting can do for you.


Image: Androidandme


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  • USA only for now, but from the wording in the release we should see this available at least to the countries that the Market is operational in sometime soon.

    I've added a "USA" tag to it, and I'll ask for a "USA only" tag to be created. Thanks for the input.

  • [USA only]? Or available world wide?

    PS: Actual [USA only] and [worldwide] tags for English posts might be helpful.