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Google is genius: Youtube and Android join hands to stream movies to the masses

Authored by: Alex T. — May 10, 2011

 YouTube has had 3,000 movies for streaming for a while now, but it didn't catch on that much. Services like Netflix &co have a better offering, but things are about to change. This morning Google announced another 3,000 movies, for a total of 6,000, that will be available for rental on YouTube. The kicker? Google also announced that the movies will be available on your Android devices - rent in one place and watch them on the platform of your choosing. Android phones running Froyo 2.2 and up and tablets with the new 3.1 update will get a Movies tab in the Android market and they'll also show up in your YouTube account. Rentals are available for $2.99 or $3.99 for standard definition, and $4.99 for HD; there's a grace period of 30 days to start the movie and an active viewing period of 24 hours after the start to finish seeing it. It's not the best deal in the world, but it's a good step forward in cross-platform stuff and it should make Google some pretty pennies.


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