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Google's Eric Schmidt Weighs in on the Whole HTC Patent Debaucle: "We'll Make Sure They Don't Lose"
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Google's Eric Schmidt Weighs in on the Whole HTC Patent Debaucle: "We'll Make Sure They Don't Lose"

Eric Schmidt chaired an event in Tokyo yesterday called Google Mobile Revolution and he focused on Android's potential growth in Asian markets. He also had some fighting words to say about Apple's litigation against HTC. Concering Android growth, the former CEO said: 

“Every month, China and India are adding 10 million mobile subscribers and we expect to see amazing growth in markets with lower penetration rates such as Indonesia and the Philippines.”

Then, of course, someone asked Schmidt about patent issues, which Google hasn't really discussed so far. Last Friday, a judge ruled that HTC had infringed upon two of Apple's patents – and it doesn't look like it'll be so easy for the company to comply with the judge's orders without losing a lot of money and / or potential customers. Schmidt had this to say: 

"We have seen an explosion of Android devices entering the market and, because of our successes, competitors are responding with lawsuits as they cannot respond through innovations. I’m not too worried about this.”

That reaction is similar to HTC's initial reaction ("Why not try innovating instead of suing?")  but it doesn't address the heart of the matter: unless HTC comes up with a workaround, it'll either have to pay royalties to Apple for every HTC that it ships to the U.S. or comply with an embargo. Unless, of course, it wins an appeal.

Schmidt also hinted that Google would be helping HTC with legal fees.

"We'll make sure they don't lose."

Hopefully HTC will win its appeal. Otherwise, things don't look so good.

Source: Android Central


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  • Apple is not Microsoft. They don´t want royalties, they want HTC off the Market. And as a patent holder you don´t have licence the technology.

    PS: That is if the patent actually holds water. Software patents usually won´t.

    PPS :NOKIA patents are special here as NOKIA agreed to licence before the technologies where added to the 3G standard

  • For someone like me, the android operating systems does it for me. I use an HTC Desire HD smartphone which I like so much and its a phone I take everywhere,... infact its part of my life now. I think the whole combination and partnership of HTC, Google and Android is just wonderful. It's just innovative and forward-thinking.

  • As an owner, of 3 HTC Android Smartphone's, HTC, Android, and Google, have my Full Support! Your Android Operating System Rock's! Your Compatability, with the many Code Language's, out there, on the Internet, and within the Program's themselve's, are Awesome! Even the U.S. Military, love's the Android Operating System, that they have tested. Why would any of us allow, Apple, to monopolize the Mobile Device, Market?
    Microsoft Window's, deffinitly shouldn't be allowed to Monopolize the Market eighther, because their Web Parser's, and Program's, have never conformed to the (W3C) World Wide Web Consortium's, Web Programming, standard's.
    As a former Computer Science Student, we do not use Microsoft, for anything, as far as Programming goes. Apple is good for Graphic Art's, but Android's, Open Source, and Code Programming Compatability, is the overall best!