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Google search comes to Dish Network

Authored by: Douglas Carter — Mar 15, 2010

How does Google continue to expand its reach in the telecommunications area? Well, having the ability to perform a Google search while on your television is a next step. On top of that, Youtube is also available, and all of this is running on Android.

Dish Network Box and remotes

According to the Wall Street Journal the service being tested by Dish Network will allow people to search their listings for shows on their television as well as for content on Google-owned Youtube.

The service runs from inside the satellite boxes and runs “using elements of Google's Android operating system.” According to the article from the Wall Street Journal, the testers are Google employees and their families.

The prospect of increased ad revenue of consumers using Google to search for programming and other content on-line is great. Where does this go from here? You tell me, but I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of this.

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