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Google starts coalition of manufacturers and carriers to provide 18-month update cycle guarantee

Authored by: Alex T. — May 10, 2011

Sweet news everybody! The time of fearing for your phone's life mere months after you get it comes to an end. No longer will your phone be slave to moody manufacturers and carriers when it comes to updates. All major US carriers are on board, as well as Vodafone Europe and all big Android phone makers. The deal is that, as long as your phone's specs are up to par with the decidedly unofficial minimal specs of upcoming Android versions, it'll get any update available for up to 18 months of its lifetime. And imagine, this is only day one of Google I/O; who knows what else Rubin and team have lined up for us tomorrow.


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  • IF the hardware allows it!
    I personally own a HTC Dream running CyanogenMod 6, based on Froyo. This seems to be some sort of magic, I should actually still enjoy Android 1.6 because that is all that is technically possible......

    Still, of course, this is great news, but I hope that they are going to take this seriously. Also, I'm not informed about a maximum delay between a new version coming out and the roll out....

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