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Google to Sell E-Books in June?

Authored by: Douglas Carter — May 5, 2010

According to The Wall Street Journal, Google will start "selling digital books in late June or July, a company official said Tuesday, throwing the search giant into a battle that already involves Inc., Apple Inc. and Barnes & Noble Inc." The service, called Google Editions, will look to differentiate itself from the competition with how many different websites and devices their service will support.

Phandroid and AndroidandMe mention the likelihood of this service making its way onto Android, especially since tablets are being designed using the Android OS, and their usage as E-readers is one of their main selling points.

As for how their service will debut and function, Gizmodo does a good job of explaining it:

Earlier reports indicated that the service would launch with between 400,000 and 600,000 available titles, instantly swamping its competitors. Book retailers will be able to sell Google Editions on their sites, although pricing and specific availability have yet to be announced. What's clear, though, is that the ebook pricing wars are about to get very interesting.

Other Sources: AndroidandMe, Gizmodo, Phandroid

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