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HELauncher is a launcher, inside a launcher, inside a launcher...

Authored by: Alex T. — Mar 20, 2011

Inception jokes and questionable naming aside, HELauncher actually is pretty cool. It isn't your typical launcher, but more a showcase of other launchers so you can try them out. It's a open-source project by a bunch of XDA-developers devs that took the time to rip apart some of the proprietary launchers like BLUR, Sense and Meizu's launcher, along with the AOSP Froyo and Gingerbread launchers. Unlike other homescreen replacements, your app shortcuts and widgets stay in place when you switch between the different launchers available. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles that LauncherPro or ADW have, but give it a try in our app store for free if you want simplicity or just want to check out what other launchers look like. Head past the break if you want a video demo of it. 



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