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HTC Enjoying Increased Sales, Motorola Lagging Behind

Financial Times reported on HTC's sales of handsets and apparently HTC are expecting a 36 percent increase in Q2 sales thanks in no small part to Android. Meanwhile, Motorola saw profits from last quarter, but their sales of Android smartphones like the Droid and CLIQ dropped from the quarter before and they are costing the company money.

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Engadget writes that HTC expects "record revenues of $1.6 billion in Q2 on sales of 4.5 million handsets, up from 3.3 million handsets sold in Q1" and AndroidCentral points out, if HTC keeps releasing phones like "the Desire, Legend, Incredible, EVO, etc." then who knows how much farther they will go. Just look at the HTC Droid Incredible to see their success, as Verizon has already run out of online stock and wont have any more till May 4th.

Motorola has recently posted their earnings from last quarter and it comes with good and bad news. They are anticipating higher earnings in the current quarter thanks to the release of six new phones. However, they suffered an "operating loss of $192 million. On a related note, Engadget also reports that the Associated Press is saying that Apple has surpassed "Motorola as the largest phone maker in the US."

Other Sources: AndroidCentral, AndroidGuys, Motorola, MobileCrunch, Phandroid, Financial Times

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Source: Engadget

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