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HTC Sends ROM Hackers Cease And Desist Letter

Shipped-ROMs.com posted up an alleged letter from HTC on their frontpage stating HTC's wish that the website take down anything that infringes on HTC's intellectual property. Shipped-ROMs.com is run by Conflipper, an Android ROM hacker and distributor who, according to MobileCrunch, accumulates "ROMs for just about every HTC handset imaginable, from antiques like the MDA Compact to the just-friggin’-lanched HTC Aria."

Possibly to explain the reason why HTC is making a big deal out of this, Phandroid wrote that:

Shipped-Roms hosts modified ROMs for almost all of HTC’s most popular handsets, including the brand-new HTC Aria. Their ROM collection expends well outside of just HTC’s Androids, too, and perhaps this is why they were just hit with a big old Cease and Desist from the handset manufacturer.

Engadget asked HTC about the letter, and here is how Engadget paraphrased the conversation:

In other words, these guys are just really against hosting official ROMs on unofficial servers. Anyone can dump a ROM from a phone and flesh it out, so we can't imagine there's any competitive concern -- and no first-party site makes so many firmware builds available for so many devices in such a concise, well-organized way as Shipped ROMs is doing.

TalkAndroid mentioned that Conflipper has already posted on his Twitter page that he replied to HTC in response to which ROMs they want taken off of the website, but has yet to receive a reply.

Head on over to Shipped-ROMs.com to read the press release for yourself.

Other Sources: Engadget, MobileCrunch, Phandroid, TalkAndroid

Image from Phandroid

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