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HTC's Desire Now in Silver AND Urban Brown

Authored by: Douglas Carter — Mar 17, 2010

New leaked photos of a silver HTC Desire have many android sites buzzing with new blog posts. According to AndroidandMe, "someone named Robert Webbe has uploaded some new pics and video to Flickr that show the Desire in two colors, silver and urban brown." Let's take a look shall we?

As of now, has the new silver HTC Desire showing as being available on the 9th of April. Not too long for some to wait I hope.

Meanwhile, Phandroid reports that "Dutch carrier BelCompany are reporting the Silver color option as an exclusive" and after read this page from BoyGeniusReport, I think we may see this option very soon in the States. If you are in the market for a silver HTC Desire right now, check with your provider. Who knows, they may have a similar special deal. Good Hunting!

Images from Robert Webbe's Flickr account

Other Sources: Phandroid, Engadget, BoyGeniusReport

Source: AndroidandMe

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  • Chris H. Mar 18, 2010 Link to comment

    So pity that the silver version is exclusive only. In my opinion it looks much better than the official brown.

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