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HTC's Rebranding Spree: Vigor Becomes Rezound


According to some talanted peeps that got access to a Verizon database, HTC is ditching the Vigor name and going for Rezound - a name with a bit more street cred. Although the name change still isn't set in stone, it looks like HTC is continuing its "hipper-than-though" strategy of luring in the young public with catchy names. Like the Nexus Prime, HTC Vigor has gone through more name changes than a con artist. So what's the deal HTC?

Based on the specs and model number, the HTC Rezound is identical to the HTC Vigor with 2.34 Gingerbread and a 1.5 Qualcomm processor. The device may be the same on the inside, but HTC is now gicing Dr. Dre's magic touch to all of its phones. Ever since it launched its Beats partnership, HTC has gone a crazy rebranding hunt to make their Beats Android devices cool enough for people that love to mix Androids with their urban music. 

Regardless of the constant name changing, the HTC Rezound/Vigor is still going to be one powerful phone. But in terms of a marketing strategy, having too many names could potentially damage the brand. 


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