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Haptic Feedback For Android Apps Arrives With Immersion SDK
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Haptic Feedback For Android Apps Arrives With Immersion SDK

The Immersion SDK was recently released for Android with the intent of helping developers create Android apps with improved haptic feedback. In case you didn't know what haptic feedback is, it is a feelable form of feedback given to a user when they perform a pre-determined action.

Some good examples of haptic feedback is the Rumble Pak in N64 system, or the PlayStation DualShock controllers.

Another good example of haptic feedback is when you are driving a racing game with a steering wheel, and you make a hard turn while going fast, or drive off road. In this situation, haptic feedback could be used to make the steering wheel jitter and uncontrollable, simulating real-world steering problems.

For you developers, the SDK comes with several pre-defined and customizable effects, as well as sample code.

The release of this SDK will likely usher in both innovative and entertaining apps/games within the next few months. I can see haptic feedback for games becoming very popular in the near future.

What about you guys? Do you think users would choose to enable haptic feedback inside their apps, even if it reduced their battery life significantly?

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