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Honeycomb "Movie Studio" demo - a tablet video editor

Authored by: Alex T. — Feb 27, 2011

As you may be aware, Honeycomb brings a lot of new things to the tablet both in terms of it's design and in terms of functionality. You can read my early feature roundup here and my first hands-on impressions with some more hidden features here. One thing that was shown at the MWC that hasn't shown up in too much depth up til now is the new built-in movie editor dubbed "Movie Studio". It's a trimmed down version of iMovie or Movie Maker and it looks pretty cool. Read past the break for a short video hands-on. 

I'm still pretty unconvinced about taking video or pictures with the back-facing cameras on the new Honeycomb tablets without looking like a tool. However, I do see the appeal of using the front-facing camera for opinion videos intended for Youtube and the Movie Studio will help you stitch together different videos, add titles and transitions and, considering Google owns Youtube, upload it instantly after you're done.




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