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HzO Technology Waterproofs Phones From the Inside Out


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The majority of rugged Android phones on the market today employ big, rubberized battery covers and plugs to keep water from seeping into their USB ports. Becuase these methods of water-resistance take up more space, water-proof phones can be unsightly. But now a company called HzO claims they can waterproof phones from the inside out, using "sophisticiated nano-size film barriers" to retrofit previously un-dunkable phones.

In the video below, you can see the technology being used on a standard Galaxy S2. When the phone is dunked into a fish bowl, water seeps into the device and yet it remains fully operational. HzO claims their technology can also be used to water-proof paper, which is why you see their business card floating in the bowl alongside the SGS2.

Check out a promo video of the techology below:

Water damage is a leading cause of death among smartphones so we're always happy to hear about new life-saving measures. HzO I wonder how long it'll be before this technology becomes standard across all smartphones. So far, HzO isn't available, but it is said to be coming soon to Zagg.


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