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[IFA Exclusive Video] Live LG 3D Converter Demonstration - Turning 2D Games Into 3D Wonders!
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[IFA Exclusive Video] Live LG 3D Converter Demonstration - Turning 2D Games Into 3D Wonders!

One subject seems to be dominating much of the conversation at this year’s IFA: 3D. At least that’s what one would believe listing to the reps from LG ply the latest from the 37 parallel. The Asian powerhouse has filled an entire hall with the most advanced in 3D home entertainment; from TVs to, LCD projectors, from gaming to even our beloved Android. Everything is getting the 3D treatment. As an LG employee explained to us on camera, “The third dimension has finally become a force to reckon with among consumers." 

The entire range of LG technology on display at this year’s IFA convention in Berlin is impressive. The latest generation has made an impressive leap in picture depth and quality and have attained a new level of realism.  Check out the full interview and report after the break.


 “There just isn’t enough 3D content.” This complaint is a thing of the past

No matter how advanced the technology, if there’s nothing to use it for, chances are it will be gathering dust on trash heaps the world over (Lazerdiscs, anyone?) While it’s true producers have been reluctant to develop true 3D content, LG has come up with an elegant solution. They’ll just leave them out of the equation. In the days leading up to the IFA, the south Koreans announced a new app, which converts traditional 2D apps into 3D programs optimised for their new Android Device LG Optimus 3D.


With the LG 3D converter, a user can convert the entire range of 2D apps already running on their phone into new 3D experiences. The only requirement is OpenGL support and the ability to use the program in landscape mode. Requirements most games can claim.
According to their own admission, LG has invested some serious time in the development of the program. With a quick touch of a button, a user can jump between 2D and 3D mode. The algorithm Is reportedly so advanced that there is no noticeable performance loss. Most games should be able to keep up their 50 FPS rate. Of course LG only demonstrated the new technique on games that come preinstalled –or in other words, optimised- on the Optimus 3D. But all indicators seem to confirm LGs claims. Our experience showed that the conversion took only a handful of seconds. There was practically no wait time.

LG has a nose for innovation and in their winning the 3D race by a nose// The product line introduce on Berlin’s IFA over the weekend pushes the envelope in terms of the possible and very well maybe the next true reolution on home and mobile media.

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