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[IFA] Samsung Officially Presents Galaxy Note: The First Android Notepad With S-Pen
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[IFA] Samsung Officially Presents Galaxy Note: The First Android Notepad With S-Pen

Samsung didn't come out with any surprises at the IFA press conference this morning, presenting the pack of journalists with just 3 devices to drool over (or at least salivate a little bit). Now we can give ourselves a tap on the back for being spot on in our predictions of what Samsung would launch this year in Berlin and take a closer look at the three new and not-so-surpising Samsung devices: the Samsung Wave 3, Galaxy Tab 7.7 and their main revolutionary product - the Galaxy Note

DJ Lee, the head of Samsung Global Sales & Marketing, wasn't about to drum up the tension and quickly revealed to the press just three new smartphone devices. To my great dissapointment the first device - the Samsung Wave 3 - will run on Bada 2.0 and will sport a Super Amoled screen and a nice uni-body design. a lot of emphasis was placed on Bada and how Samsung is aiming to have its own mobile OS get into the top 3 in the coming years (which is highly doubtful). 

Now here's the real juicy stuff: with much fanfare and flashiness Samsung presented its new tablet/smartphone hybrid - the Samsung Galaxy Note. Here are some the most important specs: 

  • 1.4 GHz processor
  • 2,500 AH Battery Life
  • Innovative Stylus Pen Technology (S-Pen)
  • 5.3" HD Display with Super Amoled Screen 
  • No Glare In Sunlight
  • 178 Grams

So there we have it. The mystery behind the fireball in this Samsung commercial has been solved: Samsung is coming out with a larger than life phone that still manages to fit in the palm of your hand. Although the phone will be running on Android Honeycomb 2.3, Samsung have added their own custom split-screen interface and have made sure that the apps will interact properly with the stylus. 

Using the stylus, users should be able to draw, edit, write and scribble on the phone from virtually any app. Some of the apps already developed for the device already allow for multi-party conferences with a white board (very practical for business meetings). 

Some other cool new features: the Galaxy Note also recognizes gestures and responds to several hand commands. Sliding your hand across the top of the screen takes a screen shot of the page you are viewing and covering the phone with your palm pauses any move currently playing. 

Again, the press conference wasn't big news for us since our AndroidPIT Team has already gained exclusive access to the device. Here's a hand-on video with the Galaxy Note: 


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