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Ice Cream Sandwich: The Real Deal With Leaked Screenshots


(Courtesy of RootzWiki)

We've heard so much speculation and misinformation on the subject that it's almost difficult to believe our eyes. Finally we can put an end to all the nonsense and check out what Ice Cream Sandwich looks like for ourselves. So let's see what people have been drooling over for months and find out if the Ice Cream Sandwich is worth a bite. 

Judging from these leaked pictures, the new Google OS version is hardly revolutionary. Surprisingly, there is a lot of continuity and looks like Android is sticking to its original model. The color scheme has, however, undergone some major changes with Android slowly breaking away from its trademark green and adding a lot of blue to the icons. For people that have been Android fans from the very beginning, this will probably be a huge dissapointment. After all our eyes have grown accustomed to "see green" and it will take a while to readjust. 

In general, it appears as if most of the changes are more or less cosmetic so even older phones should in theory be able to to run Ice Cream Sandwich without any problems. With 99% probability, the new Nexus Prime will be the first phone that will come with the new OS version from the box. Some new additions that may become popular: a new multitasking button for quickly switching between your most used apps. Now that's extremely useful! 

So when does this baby hit the market before it melts? Unfortunately, it looks like the Ice Cream Sandwich is going to be stored in the Android "freezer" for quite some time. 

Source: Android Police

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  • still no timeframe about the release? very frustrating!

  • Zhu Lee Aug 12, 2011 Link to comment

    more information is needed. i can't really form an opinion based on two pictures. i need to know the specs.

  • Foo S. Aug 12, 2011 Link to comment

    cool. ice cream should be mega fast!

  • Don't see much of a difference as compared to Honeycomb.

    And BTW I really like the blue.

  • wait, what? did i understand this correctly? is Android going BLUE?

    man, they can't do that. once you got a color you gotta stick with it. i liked the green, so why are they switching? when you got a product it has to be recognizable to the public. changing colors just is a no go.

  • i can't see anything on these pics. anyone got a video?

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