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Iconia Tab A700: Tegra 3 And HD Display Running 1920x1200 Pixel


1920x1200? WTF? Yeah, you read that right. The Iconia Tab A700 is set to rock a 10.1" display and a 1920x1200 resolution. Every time someone asks why on Earth we need to keep jacking up the resolutions on each tablet and you know what? The fanboy film geek in me just wants to scream because we can! And it's cool! Having ever more detailed displays can't hurt and it gives game and media developers room to play around with for future innovations. So, Iconia you get a big thumbs up from me! Oh, and the other tech specs are just as easy on the eyes.

The Iconia Tab A700 will sport a Tegra 3 quad-core processor, that is 4 1.3 GHz cores, a 9800 mAh battery, HDMI jacks, optional 3G module and a 5 megapixel camera. Expect to see more about this bad boy at this years CES in Las Vegas this coming January. We'll be there bringing you all the latest about this all the other high end tablets due to launch (Acer we're looking at you)


Source: smartdroid


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  • I,M looking at the galaxy tab 10.1 and the HP touch pad 16 GB, now this one has just made my choice that much harder. I think i will have to try each one for a week or two then i,ll know who will get my hard earned pay cheque.

  • it looks awesome I want one:)!

  • Actually it can hurt: When the dpi is not set and handled correctly the Generation 40+ won't be able read a thing any more.

  • Alex M. Dec 31, 2011 Link to comment

    I'm waiting to get Transformer Prime because of keyboard with track pad and extra battery. And I don't care of screen resolution though I want SG Note with its performance and display.

  • This is a nice looking tablet. It is making it hard for me to choose my next one. I am stuck between the Galaxy Tab 7.7, and now this one. The Transformer is just too big for me.

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