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[Image] Pixel Nerds, Rejoice! Here's An Up-Close Look at the Galaxy Nexus AMOLED Display

Authored by: Steven Blum — Dec 16, 2011

Hello, are you a nerd? Do you enjoy comparing pixel counts on your favorite Android devices? If so, you'll want to check out this picture. It's an up-close look at the subpixel orientation on the Galaxy Nexus. You see, someone used a fancy camera to snap a super close-up photo of the screen on his Galaxy Nexus. Check out an even-more-detailed view by clicking the photo below:

(Click on the picture for a much larger view)

AMOLED is a display technology made up of an active matric of OLED pixels that display light upon electrical activation. The display is actually composed of organic componds which form an electoluminescent material. Since the compounds are organic, they can decay over time, although technology has been developed to compensate for material degredation.

On a less nerdy level, some folks complain that they can see the pixels on their Galaxy Nexus display. As someone who's been playing around with a Galaxy Nexus for the past few days, I can tell you that these claims are somewhat bogus. If you stare directly into the screen, you can see tiny pixels, but the figures these pixels form actually look a bit sharper than the Galaxy S2. In other words, the Galaxy Nexus pixel accuracy makes up for their slightly noticable effect.

Source: Reddit

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