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India's $35 Tablet Launching Today -- Why It's a Big Freaking Deal

Authored by: Steven Blum — Oct 5, 2011

Bloggers were baffled by the idea of a $35 tablet from the get-go. India's new foray into cheap technology has been called "crapware" and worse. But the new tablet, named Aakash, is also winning support for its ultra-low price and big ambitions.

Manufactured by the UK-based Datawind company, Aakash is a 7-inch Android tablet rocking Froyo. It weighs 350 grams, has 256 MB of RAM, two USB drives, a 2GB SD memory card and a 32 GB expandable memory slot. 

If those stats don't sound impressive to you, consider this: it's possible, at some point in the near future, that this tablet will be available for the insanely low price of $10. Yes, that's right, the government says it expects the $35 price to gradually drop down to $20 and ultimately $10 a piece. 

A $10 tablet out there, no matter how basic, could certainly disrupt the Android tablet scene. The device is currently targeted to students ('natch) but when the price falls even more dramatically, I can see these being adopted by folks in rural villages, which would probably lead to more Indian engineers and developers. In other words, this thing is going to change things, dramatically.  What do you think?

Source: AndroidOS.In

Steven Blum has written more than 2,000 blog posts as a founding member of AndroidPIT's English editorial team. A graduate of the University of Washington, Steven Blum also studied Journalism at George Washington University in Washington D.C. for two years. Since then, his writing has appeared in The Stranger, The Seattle P-I, Blackbook Magazine and Venture Villlage. He loves the HTC One and hopes the company behind it still exists in a few years.

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