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[Infographic] Android Users: Introverted, Overweight Males

As we all know the decision to go Android or iPhone is a matter of personal preference more than anything else. The choice has more do with an individual's values, sense of style and personality. Finally, we have a serious study conducted with over 15,000 respondents that sheds some light on how the division breaks down along political, social and cultural lines. 

Based on the information listed on the infographic above, we can make some startling conclusions about the make-up of the Android and iPhone communities. For starters, Android users tend to be overwhelmingly males of the worst kind. You know the ones that sit on the couch, eat pizza all day, never leave the basement and still use Yahoo! Mail. And because of their lifestyle Android males are generally more pessimistic about life, have less money and have most likely never travelled abroad in their entire life. 

And that's just the tip of the iceberg: Android users are also typically followers with no education beyond a high school diploma according to these researchers. Ouch! Now that really hurts, doesn't it? To top things off, Android users also tend to eat unhealthy food and be just generally speaking extremely dorky. 

I don't know about you, but this study really offends me as an Android user. Because the thing is based on almost every category I fall under the iPhone category and yet I got Android blood running through my veins. For now we have at least one thing to be happy about: we sure as hell aren't snobby scarf-wearing, sushi-eating, modern art-loving Manhattanites.

So if you feel this study has misrepresented you as an Android user, speak up in the comments!  

Check out dedicated forum thread to discuss further stereotypes about Android users and their lifestyles.


Source: AndroidAndMe


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  • @Keefers Do you mean Mormons? :)

  • Keefers Aug 17, 2011 Link to comment

    Half of those surveyed live in Utah and belong to a cult.

  • Zhu Lee Aug 17, 2011 Link to comment

    is there any breakdown on what android phones asians prefer? Just curious

  • ohhhh hell noooo! no way!

  • Fabien Roehlinger
    • Admin
    • Staff
    Aug 17, 2011 Link to comment

    @Lemar: You could purchase a Blackberry? :-)

  • i don't fit under any of these categories, so what does that make me, huh?

  • Zhu Lee Aug 17, 2011 Link to comment

    iPhones ARE NOT more user-friendly!

  • I see your point, but you have to admit that if given the choice most women would go for an iPhone because it just looks pretty and is simple to use.

  • Sorry, Jenny, but you are not exactly right. Trust me there are more and more women that are tech-conscious enough to make a smart decision to go Android. Saying that women choose their phones purely on how they look is a generalization. And I just don't buy it.

  • I think one of the issues that having an Android involves a lot of more active participation in the life of your phone. You gotta figure out what tethering, rooting and all that fun stuff is. For most women (NOT ME!) it's just too much of a pain to figure. Not trying to be sexist, but that's how I see it.

  • Always look on the bright side: Android users have a better sense of culture! We'd rather watch Shakespeare than Broadway musicals. Claaaasssy!

  • funny infographic for sure and so true!

  • just because i love comedy central doesn't make me an overweight loser. wtf!

  • I feel really terrible saying this, but I think these stereotypes are generally true based on personal experience.

  • Jean M. Aug 17, 2011 Link to comment

    what a load of crap! I travel all the time and always with my Android phone! this study is misleading in more ways than one

  • Zhu Lee Aug 17, 2011 Link to comment

    I mean I still have it :)

  • Zhu Lee Aug 17, 2011 Link to comment

    I had a Phd which apparently makes me an exception in the Android community....

  • Where should I start? I am a women, liberal, over 35 years old and I generally eat healthy!

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