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[Infographic] Mobile Malware Overview: They're Out To Get You
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[Infographic] Mobile Malware Overview: They're Out To Get You

Malware on smartphones has become a hot topic as of late, with many virus-related scandals filling the media airwaves. And despite the gravity of the situation, many of us have become used to the news and fail to take things seriously enough. Whether it's phishing, bots, fake apps or malware that spies on your texts and calls - we've seen the gamut of possible dangers. Thankfully, the people over at Bullguard have prepared a nice infographic for us to clear things up. Because let's be honest: wouldn't we all rather look at pictures than read a boring analytical text? 


As we can see, the Android OS is looking like a major malware magnet. Although mobile malware has skyrocketed in the last few years (because of increasing smartphone use), Android has been forced to bear the main brunt of the attacks. Before people start screaming that Android is unsafe, let me just reassure everyone: Apple ain't doing that much better either. In fact, anyone that owns a jailbroken iPhone - and that's a significant amount of people - is opening the way for hacks and malware attacks.

Basically, hackers are using all of the same techniques that we are familiar with on our PCs and simply transfering them over to smartphones. With more and more people switching over to smartphones (by some estimates 90% of Americans will own smartphones in 2015) the dangers of malware viruses getting onto your device are exponentially increasing. 

Below is a good rule of thumb on how to be safe and prevent any malware from creeping onto your phone: 


Source: Mashable


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  • that's wrong Daniel. it doesn't matter what connection you are using (except for free public wi-fi connections). so please do not spread faulty information

  • i think 3g is safer than wifi

  • it would be very sad to have to download antivirus software on my android phone. i don't want to have the same problems with my android as i do with my pc.

  • malware is a part of life. there isn't any way to get around it. smartphones are basically mini-computers so there really is no way to do anything about it.

  • Foo S. Aug 12, 2011 Link to comment

    the online banking bit is really scary. i use online banking all the time from my phone and god forbid anyone gets access to that

  • does rooting your phone make it more prone to malware?