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Insanity: Apple Successfully Blocks Sale of Galaxy Tab 10.1 Across the Whole of Europe

A German court has just ruled that Samsung cannot sell it's Galaxy Tab 10.1 across the entire European continent. The tablet, which launched in Britain last week, must be removed from shelves. Samsung is going to have to stop their entire marketing campaign, too. 

 Samsung, understandably, is a bit pissed off. Kim Titus- Samsung Director characterized the suit as an attack on Samsung's intellectual proporty, arguing that the company wasn't even given the opportunity to argue their case.

"The request for injuction was filed with no notice to Samsung, and the order was issued without hearing or presentation of evidence from Samsung," Titus responded. "We will take all necessary measures to ensure Samsung's innovative mobile communications are available to customers in Europe and around the world."

I sure hope they find a way around this. Unfortunately, due to pan-European laws, what's decided in the Regional Court of Dusseldorf affects the entire continent. You better believe Samsung will be counter-suing. Till they succeed, we all must suffer.


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  • I think Samsung should stop making parts for the iPhone. Maybe then Apple will think twice.

  • Jean M. Aug 10, 2011 Link to comment

    Czech Rep. was in the EU last time I checked :))))

  • does this mean we will not get Galaxy Tab in Czech Republic too?????

  • Di Tao Aug 10, 2011 Link to comment


  • I agree with Alex. This is but a momentary setback. But it will certainly affect Samsung's sales in the short term.

  • So they're literally going to have to yank them from the shelves? This is nuts. But I'm sure Samsung will fight back. Samsung will present evidence in front of a real court and argue their case, and I think they'll win. We'll all get the tabs soon enough.

  • Whatever happened to competition? Everyone has hired lawyers instead of innovating. Sickening. Oh, and by the way, I've tried both devices and Galaxy Tab 10.1 has so many differences to the iPad. They're both thin and sexy, but the similarities end there.

  • I can't believe things have gone this far

  • this is very serious. wow.

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