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"Is My Son Gay?" Android App Dispenses Cliché Advice to Worried Moms

A $3(!) app that was initially released in France supposedly helps answer the age-old question "Is my son gay?" in approximately twenty questions. The questions range from stereotypical ("does he dress well?") to accusatory ("are you divorced?") to downright bizzare ("is he modest?") and has already lit the gay blogosphere on fire.

If, when fiddling around with the app, you pretend to have a football-loving, fashion-hating, girlfriend-having son, the app congratulates you on a job well done, saying:

"Don't worry, your son is not gay. Get ready to become a mother-in-law! You'll soon have to be accepted by your future daughter-in-law. There's a great chance that you'll become a grandmother with all the pleasures that this brings."

If, however, the app determines your son is a homosexualist, it offers little console: "Your son is gay, accept it."

Those not wanting to pay $3 for the Android app can simply ask one of their dumbest, most conservative friends what he or she thinks makes someone gay.

Source: MSNBC


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  • Do what if he is gay? You really need a bloody app to tell you to love your offspring?
    Sad. Really.

  • No, no thank you Captan obvious. With out you we would never understand this wonderful thing we call the internet!

  • Sam-Droid Sep 26, 2011 Link to comment

    If you need an app to tell you thins you don't have a very good relationship with you son me thinks. Or is that stating the obvious?

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