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Keep Your Eyes On the Road With Sprint's Drive First App
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Keep Your Eyes On the Road With Sprint's Drive First App

In an effort to combat distracted driving, Sprint is coming out with a preinstalled Android app called Drive First. The app tracks your activities to determine whether you are on the road and automatically limits some of the phone's features in order to keep you focused on driving. 

After the full-fledged war against drunk driving, a new campaign against distracted driving, especially among teens, has been launched by the US government. Talking and texting at the wheel have already been banned for a while, but it looks like Sprint is taking concrete steps to improve road safety. Developed by Location Labs, Drive First will come preinstalled on all Sprint Android phones. Based on your GPS location, the app can tell if you're in the process of driving. Drive First redirects all incoming calls to voicemail, auto-replies to text messages informing your contacts that you're driving and allows you access to only three apps. Unfortunately, these three apps can be adjusted to any three apps of your choice meaning that you could potentially be watching YouTube, reading Facebook and playing Angry Birds while driving - all very dangerous apps for driving. Despite Sprint's good intentions, the service will cost $2 a month and I don't see people rushing out there to sign up any time soon. Except for worried parents of teenagers, I doubt anyone would take this service into consideration. A quick look at the Android Market shows us that there are already developers working on free or cheap apps that can do basically the same thing. 

Obviously, distracted driving is to be taken seriously, but this app seems more like a neat gimmick rather than a practical service. 

Source: CNET

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