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LG Comes Out With Wireless Charging Pad

Authored by: Yan Matusevich — Mar 23, 2011

LG has just introduced its new Wireless Charging Pad with new technology that allows you to charge your smartphone by simply placing it on the surface of the pad. Using special inductive coils in both the battery door and the charging pad, you can charge up your LG phone hassle-free. 

The new charging device definitely scores a lot of points in terms of sheer coolness factor. Personally, it reminded of something out of a sci-fi TV series. But let's face it: LG is still lightyears away from a truely wireless charging device. The pad may look sleek, but it's still got a cord at the end of it connected to a power socket. Also, the device only works with a limited number of new phone with compatable battery covers. Priced at $69.99, I don't see the point in substituting your regular power supply with this pad unless you want to impress some people with the nifty technology behind. 

Source: ZDNet

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