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Liquipel Offers Mail-Order Smartphone Waterproofing

A while back we brought you a story about a company called HzO which had come up with a waterproofing technique that invisibly protected smartphone's internal doo-dads from the damaging effects of exposure to water. Well, it turns out that HzO won't waterproof existing phones, but there is a company that will...

Liquipel offers a waterproofing service for exisiting phones. For only $60, you can send your phone away to be waterproofed and get it back within a few days ready for your camping / beach activities. In the video below, you can see the phone working underwater:

Okay, so here's my two cents: $60 is a good price, but no one wants to part with their smartphone, even for a few days. Mail-order waterproofing is a good idea in concept but it would be even better if it were possible to do so simply at a shopping mall or place where smartphones are sold. I think HzO has the right idea: find a manufacturer and offer to waterproof their newest line of phones. 

Source: Phandroid

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  • I think it'd be worth it for you, then! Just a small note: it looks like it only works with the HTC Thunderbolt, HTC Evo 4G, HTC Shift 4G, HTC MyTouch 4G, Motorola X/2, and Droid Charge.

  • Epic. Wanted to do this. As a rower and swimmer I use GPS to track my activities. Now I can do this in the knowledge that if it falls in the water/river/home jacoozi it wont damage my phone. Also listening to music whilst swimming. Super awesome.

  • Thanks we'll try!

  • the idea of a sub-news secton is good. keep up the good work.

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