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Live Blogging from the TabCo Press Conference Starting @ 12:00 Eastern Time!
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Live Blogging from the TabCo Press Conference Starting @ 12:00 Eastern Time!

The entire AndroidPIT team is sitting at the edge of their seats in anticipation of the TabCo Press Conference Event in an undisclosed location. 

11:59 Nothing going on so far. The tension is rising....


12:04 So there we have it it's a tablet! And the people behind it are Fusion Garage! Who could've guessed it?


12:07 All Fusion Garage customers are getting a free tab! The CEO is trying to convince the public that they are a very different company. Apparently, this Chinese company is trying to show that they are a global company. They are trying to compete with the iPhone. And the tablet isn't Android! 


12:16 The new tablet is a reworked version of the Android OS with a different user interface. FusionGarage is definitely going to be in court over this. 

12:17 Home screen has been replaced by a grid system. 


12:21 Chrome-less browser with built-in Bing search. Now that's a smack in Google's face. 

12:23 All of the photos are displayed in albums made of photo piles. Just like on the iPad, by the way. 

12:24 The FusionGarage Grid comes at $499 with Wi-Fi and $599 with Wi-Fi and 3G. The Grid10 can be pre-ordered from Amazon.com. 

12:27 It's not just a tablet: there's also a Grid smartphone OS!

12:29 AndroidPIT opinion: This is just a UI -  not a new OS! 

12:32 This looks more like a home replacement app rather than an OS.

12:34 You can switch between the tabs with a wheel. 

12:35 $399 is the price for the Grid smartphone

12:37 CEO of Grid feels like there isn't enough innovation with Android. What? That's a major slap in the face. How can he say that?

12:38 Fake moderated questions. How pathetic!

And it's all over, folks! One thing is for sure: we're all extremely surprised about how awful this presentation was.



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