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Macs need app for Android 3.0 file transfer

If you're among the lucky ones to snag a Xoom this week or if you're looking at one of the other Honeycomb tablets yet to be released and you have a Mac, you'll have to install an app to be able to transfer your file to your new tablet. Google posted the app on their website and it'll give you the same basic experience, though with some quirks, as on a PC. More info on this past the break.


 It seems that Google switched to using the Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) which isn't natively supported under Mac OS. Also, there are reports that the utility isn't quite bug-free just yet, citing that there are problem with accidental deletes of files that recently open apps leave behind (such as configuration files) and overwriting files. Hopefully a future release will fix this.

There is no word from Google about why the switch occured and if it'll be tablet-only or if future versions of Android will be switching to the MTP as well, so I guess we'll have to see.

Image: anandtech.com


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  • I agree that the exclusion of the SD slot is pretty pointless, but I'm also not a fan of popping the card out whenever I need to transfer stuff. Actually, Google is pulling the same stunt with Honeycomb that Win Phone 7 pulled at launch in that they don't have support for micro SD in the first release.

    I just read that MTP allows both the computer and the tablet to access the micro SD card at the same time, so I guess it's a good addition although unexperienced users may create problems by accessing files from the tablet while they're being used by the computer, but maybe they thought of that and there's some read lock for things being processed.

  • One more reason to buy a Tablet with removable SD card. Sorry Samsung, I guess you made a big mistake.

    As for the reason: Maybe to escape from FAT32?