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Major Hardware Defect Found on Samsung Galaxy S2

A few months after the launch of the Galaxy S2, a small but significant number of users are reporting mic and speaker problems on their phones. Sometimes the phone doesn't turn the speaker or mic on during a call. Other times, the speaker makes a bunch of unintelligable noises. All the while, users report seeing full bars, leading them to believe it's a hardware, not carrier, problem.

Here's a typical complaint, from SamsungGalaxySForums.com:

When I am calling someone the phone sometimes does not turn on the speaker and mike. The call always goes through no trouble with that at all. The phone is ringing to whoever I am calling, but the one I am calling cannot hear me and vice versa.

I counted a total of 7 forum threads devoted to the problem, with over 25 users reporting the exact same problem, leading me to believe there is some sort of hardware defect on a number of Galaxy S2 devices. Clicking on any of these forum threads leads you to the exact same complaint

Even more frustratingly, it seems like updates and factory resets aren't helping. I wonder if / when Samsung will address this problem. Certainly, it seems to be driving folks up the walls. 


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  • hope its all resolved now

  • @John: That makes alot of sense. But I think they're having alot of problems with branding at the different providers. I mean how many different names is it going to have? I'm pretty sure that's one of the big issues holding up the release date.

  • The way I see it perhaps Samsung will take this problem into consideration before launching the Samsung Hercules (or whatever its going to be called depending on the provider) in the US. Maybe that's why it's taken them forever to actually launch the devices over in the States. They're probably just waiting to see how users are liking it in Europe. That's my guess anyhow.

  • What a bummer! The SII looked so effin amazing on paper!

  • and unlike the car manufacturers I don't see Samsung organizing a massive recall, which they should actually do in a situation like this.

  • @ Mike: So true!!!

  • Mike W Aug 17, 2011 Link to comment

    It's a great ploy: If you're hardware doesn't work you have to give the public something to keep it happy. But seriously, you'd think they could have found some hotter girls after pumping how many million into production?

  • daamn those girls boobs are almost falling out. no offense.