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Me And Android: The First Day

"What, um, is Android?" my friend Masha asked me when I told her about my new job at AndroidPIT. I tried to explain, and ended up sounding like a douschy salesman: "It's this platform for phones, developed by Google, that's rapidly growing in users and already the number one cell phone operating system," I hyperventilated. Masha's eyes glazed over: she owns an iPod. She will likely never switch to another phone. I showed her my phone. "Ohhhhh! This is like the phones that try to pretend they're made by Apple." Uh, yeah.

This was my first day with the Android. I'm a newbie, or NOOB in internet parlance. At times, I felt like a grandpa, clumsily fiddling with the keypad on my Samsung Galaxy while attempting to add people to my phonebook. "I just want to make a call with this damn thing!" I wanted to say in an asthmatic voice while cursing the heavens with my cane. Then I synced the phone to my Facebook app and "shazam": suddenly it looked like I could even call that boring kid who sat behind me in math class.

Android is confusing. The camera on my phone sucks. And yet, I'm excited because of the allure of total customization, and the fact that I now own an operating system poised to become standard across many more phones. I know that I can create exactly the kind of phone I want, and that's pretty awesome. This is also the first time since I lost my iPod touch (R.I.P. poddy...you were barely a child!) that I've had internet available in the palm of my hand. So many options! So many tools for distraction!

So far I'm a big fan of the Weather Channel. No lie. I also downloaded Pillow and Metal Detector for laughs.Twitter was a no-brainer, and Facebook, too.

I'm tempted to ask, what was your first day like with Android? What did you download? How did it change your Android experience?


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  • Yes, one size does not fit all. :)
    I just wonder what the double post is all about? (I use the app when here)

  • Awesome. I've heard K-9 mail is the bomb, and I know firsthand now that Slide Me is great as well. Glad AndroidPIT was one of your firsts!

    And yeah, I think what I'm most excited about is this idea of total customization and the fact that so much can be changed without rooting the device.

    Thanks for commenting!

  • Android as a platform *can* appear slightly schizophrenic, and the ferocious rate at which the platform is updated is slightly disconcerting.
    It is however well suited to personalization or customization and that's great. I generally speaking is the only one to use my phone anyway, so any deviation from a "standard" is a non-issue.

    It's almost a year to date I became an Android user (Xperia X10, a phone I like far better than the uninformed masses).
    It's no longer clear what the first download was, but S/E's Xperia page gave me some choices with regards to first thing to do as an Xperia owner, and I did indeed unpack it at a cafe and admired its design. :)
    K-9 mail, PandaHome, eReader, SlideMe, AndroidPit (!) and YR.no was amongst my early downloads.

    Keep up the good work, it's enjoyable to drop by here.

    Kind regards.