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[Mini-Review] Live Journal, Favored Platform of the Oversharing Generation, Now Available for Android
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[Mini-Review] Live Journal, Favored Platform of the Oversharing Generation, Now Available for Android


In many ways, Live Journal was the first platform to kick off debates about what should -- and should not -- be shared online. As one of the first blogging platforms, it had an intimacy that initially caught people off guard. It was also the butt of never-ending jokes about the navel gazing generation. When I worked at an alternative newspaper in Seattle, commentors online would often catcall: "That should have been kept in your Live Journal."

Live Journal now has an app for Android that allows you to blog on-the-go. I created a melancholy post just now by taking a picture of the window, shades drawn, and typing the words "I feel trapped and sad" in the headline (It's impossible for me to interact with Live Journal without cracking a few jokes at the platform's expense).

A few long seconds later, and the image and sentences had been uploaded to my live journal account. It was also incredibly easy to add polls, create jumps in the text, add links and reference other Live Journal friends in my post. In typical Live Journal style, you can also easily add information about what mood you're in and what song you're listening to.

There aren't so many blogging platforms for Android that are as easy to use as this one. I already have Blogger installed on my phone, but something tells me I'll probably be spending more time with the Live Journal app. It's just so easy to use.

Source: Android Police

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