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Motorola Atrix teased in promotional video, still looks utterly ridiculous
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Motorola Atrix teased in promotional video, still looks utterly ridiculous

When I first saw the Motorola Atrix in a video from CES I thought that the idea was a bit overkill. Running anything but Honeycomb on a screen that size would be just silly. It turned out soon that the Atrix would actually boot into a webtop OS with full Firefox including Flash running. The phone docks into a 'laptop' accessory and provides access to the phone's apps and functions, while letting you browse the web using Firefox. Read past the break for the video.

The concept of having a phone power an entire laptop is entirely new and I'm excited, but I don't think it's for me. While docked you can still take calls and send texts by using the window on the left, and while CES videos showed that the phone won't fall out even when held upside down I'm just not ready to abandon a full OS. Google made great strides with Chrome OS and Honeycomb for tablets, but I still need access to MS Office and a few other apps that just haven't gotten proper competition in the form of webapps or mobile apps. 

The phone itself as a phone is drool-worthy, however. The screen stands tall at 4 inches with 960x540 resolution and it's powered by a Tegra 2 dual-core 1 GHz processor, G-Force GPU and 1 GB of RAM. All that at 10.1 mm thickness and a supposed price of $150 at Amazon for the US version (not sure what that means exactly. the unofficial specs show that the difference between the 4G version and the non 4G, likely European, version is the lack of 900 MHz band 3G). 

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