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Motorola - Open Bootloader Provided with Software Update
Motorola 1 min read 2 comments

Motorola - Open Bootloader Provided with Software Update

Motorola has been extra slow responding to demands for an unlocked bootloader.  But now there's clear evidence that the company will be unlocking bootloaders on their phones through an over-the-air update later this year.

Irwin Proud of AusDroid, who's been hounding the company with demands for an locked bootloader, recently received confirmation from Christy Watt, Vice Preisdent of Mobile Software for Motorola Mobility that the company is "firmly committed to delivering an unlockable / relockable bootloader solution." Wyatt went on to say that this solution will be applicable to "all devices that are schedules in the second half of theis year."

"We've confirmed that Motorola will enable to unlockable / relockable boot loader, currently found on MOTOROLA XOOM, in future software releases where channel partners and operator will allow it. It is our intention to include this feature in software releases starting in late 2011th "

Locked devices may receive updates to unlock them in Q3 or Q4 2011. Which phones ultimately receive bootloaders remains to be seen, but we are very excited about this development.

Source: Ausdroid


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  • Cristian. I know this is too little too late, especially for folks who've been fed up with Motorola for ages. They're also taking their sweet time to get these unlocked updates rolling. HTC and Samsung are clearly responding more quickly to customers who want an unlocked bootloader and, as a result, I'm sure they have a brighter future than Motorola.

  • Glad to see Motorola doesn't give a rat's ass about it's existing customers. They have over 100.000 existing customers that will be left with locked bootloaders and who'll never buy Motorola products again. I wish them happy bankruptcy. They managed to pull a smart move with the Droid, but then a lot of dumb ones with the other locked devices. I will NEVER buy from them again. Great hardware but piss-poor software, and a plethora of other Milestone users left with behind without unlocked bootloaders, even though the Milestone approaches the end of it's lifecycle. Motorola fails it's current customers, so how can they expect new ones? Who says they won't change their minds like they did with the Milestone? What they did with the Milestone users it's called robbery. They knew how to take our money, but they never provided decent software... SHAME ON YOU MOTO!