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Motorola WX445 Leaked, Headed For Verizon

Authored by: Douglas Carter — Jul 12, 2010

Engadget got a tip Saturday about a new Android phone from Motorola that looks destined for Verizon. The phone, currently known only as the WX445, runs Android 2.1, 2.5-3" screen, and entry-level specs, with a rumored addition of a "Blur-esque" skin on top. TalkAndroid notes that it seems to be a "great phone for teens and those wanting more than a media phone but not as high end as the pricier models."

Engadget writes that their source told them the WX445 runs "Android 2.1, a flash-less camera of unknown pixel count, a touchscreen ranging somewhere between 2.5 and 3 inches, and a pretty light 1170mAh battery on board." Engadget added that the phone reminded them of a keyboardless version of Palm's Pre Plus, "but cheaper looking," and that it is "not a very impressive phone".

EuroDroid mentions the phone might be "Motorola’s take on the HTC Wildfire, offering a slimmed-down design that’s vaguely reminiscent of its full-sized, full-price DROID / MILESTONE."

Head on over to Engadget to check out their photo gallery.

Other Sources: Eurodroid, TalkAndroid

Image from Engadget

Source: Engadget

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