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Motorola Xoom WiFi-only version shows up competitively priced at Sam's Club

Authored by: Alex T. — Mar 3, 2011

After yesterday's rant about unreasonable tablet pricing, shots from inside a Sam's Club model store show the WiFi only version of the Motorola Xoom at a much more reasonable price. Considering the spec difference between the iPad and the Xoom, the latter offers much more bang for the buck. Read on for details.

Again, the pricing of the 3G (upgradeable for free to 4G) version of the Xoom is about on par with the 32 GB 3G iPad, but at that price your potential customer base decreases significantly. With the $539 price tag for the WiFi only version, Motorola is actively challanging the iPad. With its 32 GB of memorey, 1 GB of RAM, higher res screen, better cameras and our beloved Honeycomb, the Xoom priced just right to cover the entire customer base that the iPad has. Let's hope the competition takes notice and follows Motorola in their choice to compete on even ground with the iPad.

Image: Droid-Life


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