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Today the Internet is buzzing over the Sensation's supposedly unresponsive screen. While I've never had a problem swiping the ring to unlock my phone, I have had a few other problems with my Sensation – many of them unexpected from a flagship device by one of the world's leading smartphone manufacturers. One sound issue I had was so far-reaching that it made my phone essentially inoperable for an entire day. Read my issues below and let me know if you've experienced similar problems.

  • Lockscreen cut in half – Occasionally, my Sensation's lockscreen will appear with a large black box in place of the bottom half of the screen. The ring will appear at the top half but, non-sensically, I'll still have to drag it from the bottom half. This usually goes away after restarting the phone, but not always. It also seems to happen after I haven't charged the phone in a while. 
  • Overheating – Sometimes at night the phone will become especially hot while playing a demanding game. 
  • Weather animation goes blank - Occasionally my Sensation's integrated weather widget will come up blank even when connected to the Internet.
  • Slow Internet – Even when getting full bars, the Internet on my Sensation will be painfully slow. 
  • No Sound - One day, the sound completely stopped working after I watched a film on the Sensation. I couldn't hear calls or ringtones even after re-starting the phone, leaving me with un-workable phone. The problem resolved itself in a day.

We've also gotten complaints in our forum about unresponsive screens and weak antennas. This is a troubling list of bugs for such a highly-touted new device, but hopefully an update to Sense 3.0 will fix most of them. 

Source: Phandroid


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  • Thanks! We try to share story ideas (and I actually sit right next to the Kamal in the office -- HI KAMAL!) but sometimes stories fall through the cracks. I'm glad you like our content and definitely comment if something catches your interest. :)

  • to be true i look quite often in the english version of androidpit cause you make a awsome (and funnie) job too sad that not all your blog entries find there way into the german version :(

  • Yeah they are some strange bugs. I know it feels like a ghost town but there are actually a lot of people commenting on our forums! Glad you made the trek to check out the English content! :)

  • Thats quite some problems you have here...
    its looking like the phone isnt reall finished ( dont know if i wrote this correctly , normaly i post just in the german version but this place looks sooo empty and i just feeled to respond :P )

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